Playing in Nanny’s colourful garden

I love to play and mess about

in nanny’s colourful garden

The sun melts whatever

Jack frost tries to harden

Every season has its colours

pink to misty grey

Nanny’s garden has it all

and changes day to day


Summer has lots of purple,

blue and forest green

Daffodils, Irises and

Plenty of grass to be seen

Nanny has lots of baskets

Overhung with flowers

There are so many different plants

To count would take us hours

Autumn brings lots of orange,

brown and ruby red

The leaves fall off the tress

and swirl around my head

They land in nanny’s garden

and crackle under foot

I help her rake them up

and pile them in a rut

Winter blankets all the land

from black to pearly white

The days are ever shorter

as they swiftly turn to night

Soon the rain, the howling wind

and thunder clouds must go

Nanny and I really wish that

Christmas will bring snow

Spring chases off the dark

and brightens up the weather

Nanny and I are in her garden

planting vegetables together

Soon the shoots will start to rise

And the cycle starts once more

I love my time with Nanny

In her garden we explore



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