Molly’s adventures

Molly loves driving in mommy’s car

They drive to the shops both near and far

Beep beep go the cars as they pass by

Brum brum goes the engine in reply


Molly went with daddy on the choo choo train

To see nana and grandad in the pouring rain

Chucka chucka chucka chucka chucka ‘toot toot’

“All aboard” said the station master “for the Mallow, Cork route”


Molly in the garden playing with her ball

Along comes Percy and kicks it at the wall

The ball bounces high heading for a cloud

Molly jumps and catches it making us proud


Molly loves to dress herself, morning and night

In Lily’s shoes and PJ’s she is a funny sight

Her hat is often crooked and her jeans on back to front

But when it comes to bedtime for her slippers we must hunt




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